?!doctype html> Big price to buy Rolex fake is not worthwhile to distinguish between true and false is very important

Big price to buy Rolex fake is not worthwhile to distinguish between true and false is very important

been shocked the market, take this name is actually everyone for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner (SUBMARINER) cordial euphemism nickname. Blackwater ghost is the world's first waterproof 100 meters deep watch, and later developed even reached 300 meters. So it has become a lot of people choose. For the sake of everyone, now Xiaobian give everyone to initiate, to share the identification of its re-engraved fine imitation of a simple way. First look from the outside. 1, foil is necessary. A new watch bezel outer ring will have a complete plastic protective ring, while the left side of the watch has a small square two-dimensional code, bezel outer ring protection ring in the strap, clasp, ear and other inside and outside have Why do you see this first? Because these one-time film, as long as the tear, want to recover is unlikely. This can be said to a large extent to prevent the imitation. 2, we all know that genuine is certainly a whole, so a complete authentic watch, not only including watches, as well as the global security card, watch box, brochures, model introduction and other small tag, business security card, etc., fake to do It is not so fine. 3, work and other inspection, false Rolex workmanship is generally not so delicate, especially at the edge, in addition, you can check the mirror. We should first look at the film is so good, and opened the surface of the mirror film, you can also carefully check the mirror whether there is no scars, the surface of the dial scale is complete, the pointer straight degree, there are obvious at noon position Small crown logo is full of fine and so on. Genuine things, workmanship and attitude are far more than fake and shoddy goods, because the manufacturers responsible for the brand, the customer is responsible for the community, so that the brand has a good reputation, only in the market so long.

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